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Version:3.3.12 (changes)
Release date:04/18/2014 13:17



Dicompass now supports special mode for 3 and more displays workstations.


Version 3.3 was released. We remind current users need of Java version 7 to continue using Dicompass. If your installation stopped working, please download installer, that checks requirements on your computer. You can read about new functions in changelog.


You can get more information about patient documentation transfering and its categorization within Dicompass at the Telemedicina 2014 conference on March 3rd in hotel Myslivna in Brno (CZE).


Slovak localization of user interface added.


Java 7 will be required by March 1st 2014. If you are still using Java 6 please update to Java 7 to prevent problems after date stated above.

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Dicompass is a certified multiplatform DICOM viewer working on Windows, MAC OS X and Linux in four languages (Czech, Slovak, English and Russian).

The program interface is aimed at the user's convenience and clarity – the fewer clicks, the faster the work.

Software Dicompass contains not only certified DICOM viewer, but also certified modules for a complete solution of digitisation the video from endoscopes, ultrasounds, microscopes, as well as other devices that do not have direct DICOM output, transfer of records from digital cameras, scanners, and cameras to the DICOM format (DICOMization). Dicompass also offers features for radio-diagnostics and radiotherapy.

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